Downtown Los Angeles, circa 1983

Downtown Los Angeles, circa 1983
STMcC in downtown Los Angeles, circa 1983

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Yesterday, I posted a blog bit in which I reviewed and graded an reviewer: Five Stars For The Girl In Wyoming! 

So, today, I thought it might be fun to post a blog bit in which other folks review and grade ME. Following are genuine, authentic quotes -- things that people have said to me, or about me, over the decades. There's something here for everyone who likes me... and hates me. Ha! I hope you enjoy reading the praise and the condemnation that follows:
STMcC, circa... long, long ago.
starring Stephen T. McCarthy
established: 1959
Pretty girls with painted eyes, bearing boysenberry pies; Lovely maidens in scanty black dresses who don't spend hours preparing their tresses; Gorgeous, wealthy widows who lie awake and sigh, and who wouldn't mind keeping a man such as I.

Average grade of STEPHEN T. McCARTHY is 3 out of a possible 5 Stars based on the following 30+1 reviews:

1)   
It's a boy!
~ Dr. Donald H., UCLA Medical Center physician - 1959

2)    
Stephen, your drawings were bad.
Steve K., schoolmate - 1974

3)    
I think you're a creative genius.
~ Gary B., M*A*S*H television series star - 1979

4)    
Best boy I ever had.
~ George, Stephen's dog - 1967 to 1981

5)    
I heard about the probability of your committing suicide before twenty-four. ...I wanted to know you. I wanted to get a little crack as to what was swarming in your mind -- unlock it. I thought you were beautiful.
~ Terrill M., friend - 1982

6)    
A man aware of the universe he creates.
~ Dan K., friend - 1984

7)    
One hell of a good human being (for an Irish filly-wagget).
~ Dean S., friend - circa 1988

8)     
Have you noticed how passionate you get about things? ...almost obsessed? ...I will diagnose you as having obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
~ Dr. Amy E., psychologist - 1989

9)     
You sweet ol' bilge rat!
~ Kathleen M., friend - circa 1990

10)     
A formerly intense individual. It seems you are a far cry from that Stephen T. McCarthy who objected to drinking like a gentleman in Boston. But, hey, we are all different Stephen T. McCarthys now, ain't we?
~ Mike L., ex-drinking buddy - 1993

11)    
A son who not only improves the family character, but who IS the family character.
~ Shirley M., Stephen's Mother - 1994

12)    
You cowboy S.O.B.
~ Lonnie M., friend - 1996

13)   
Stephen, who's going to ask me all those thought-provoking questions when you're gone? ...Call me!
~ Lorna, former coworker -  1996

14)    
Stephen is cool and nice. ...Thanks personally for letting me, Shelby and Leanne play around your house.
~ Sarah, 12-year-old neighbor -  2004

15)    
Just because McCarthy can edit and criticize doesn't mean he can comprehend or spell moron.
~ Doc S., reviewer - 2004

16)   
I'd like you... you are weird.
~ Tracey F., reviewer - 2005

17)    
Stephen, I miss you in my life. I almost feel like I gave my soul away.
~ Dr. Amy E., psychologist - 2007

18)     
Stephen, the difficulty I’m experiencing is that you … believe, so strongly, that you know the “real truth”, that an open discussion doesn’t seem possible or pleasant. Given that, I’m not going to defend or explain my opinions and beliefs to you.
~ Dr. Amy E., psychologist - 2008

19)     
There's only two people who ever got me to crack open a Bible, and you're one of them.
~ SigToo, friend - 2008

20)     
In a battle, you'd be the first guy I'd pick for my team, because you are really loyal to your friends, and you NEVER give up.
~ Sheboyganboy Six, friend - 2009

21)  ⛪⛪⛪⛪⛪   
The Lord used you more than just a little bit to bring me back into the fold of fellowship with Him.
~ David W. P., friend - 2010

22)     
You've got classy, upscale anger. The kind that gets people kicked out of 5-star dive bars.
~ Bryan P., friend - 2015

23)    
Leftist says what?
~ R.B.W., Internet commenter - 2016

24)   
Hillary needs to get better trolls.
~ Asawasa, Internet commenter - 2016

25)   
~ L.F., Internet commenter - 2016

26)    
I miss you.
~ Sherrie M., Sister - 2016

27)     
I miss the wine.
Tu eres mi hermano.

~ Nappy M., Brother - 2016

28)     
Damn, you are some kind of fun to read. Lol
~ WI1H, Internet commenter - 2016

29)    
Rolly... WTF is happening in this conversation?? :)) This D-FensDogG guy is either a fucking genius comedian or the most obvious shill of all time.
~ It Is Not Paranoia, Internet commenter - 2016

30)    
Your life has been full of bad choices, huh? Southern white trash with no education. Do you flip burgers, make meth, or did you enlist?
~ Kyler P., Internet commenter - 2017

30)  
You are a guru.
~ Steve B., coworker - 2017

31)    
The King of hostility and actual name-calling.
~ Andrew Leon, Internet Idiot - 2017

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
(aka D-FensDogG)


  1. Al Bondigas here. Mom always did love you more.

    1. Well, OF COURSE she did. That's why she ALWAYS gave me the bigger quarter for our allowances.

      Everybody Loves Stephen

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

  2. I've made even MORE complimentary comments to you before and after that one you list. But I DO stand by that one (although in my old age I would phrase it better if given the chance.)

    I'll tell you though: the comments that really interest me are the ones by Amy E.! That girl was around you over a long period of your life, but she seems to have cognitive dissonance. I think she needs to see a shrink.

    1. SBB-6 ~
      Indeed, you have been most complimentary before and after. But that succinct one just fits so nicely and added a new wrinkle to the Chinese Shar-Pei dog that I am.

      Ha! I think she ought to make an appointment with Dr. Frasier Crane -- he listens -- and I'm sure he could really help her sort through her conflicted feelings about me.

      By the way, I directed Andrew Leon to this page. I don't think he appreciated it as well as you have though. :o)

      ~ Stephen

  3. You got a quarter?

    1. No, not really. It was probably just the light.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. Like Andy said.


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